What does she know anyway? Cass the Cat Predicts – Doncaster Rovers vs Blackburn Rovers

Each week she will attempt to showcase her punditry skills by predicting the outcome of every league 1 game involving her beloved Blackburn Rovers. Rovers playing in league 1 (englands 3rd tier) for the first time in over 30 years hope to bounce back at the first attempt, can they do it? Well Cass the Cat might already know the answer. Check out this video and the accompanying playlist to stay in touch will all her Rovers predictions.

BONUS – coming soon World Cup 2018 (Cass will be prediciting these matches too) Subscribe to stay in the loop. Will she be puuurrfect?

For more information about Blackburn Roverseas check out the following websites:

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Facebook: http://bit.do/roverseasfbook
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YouTube: http://bit.do/roverseasyt

If you want more information about my other work head over to my website:


And most important of all is to subscribe!!

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